These are a selection of pages I adore (which aren’t on WordPress)! Enjoy!

Patricia Waller makes fantastic crochet art, but they are unusual, in that you get to see a crocheted William Tell with an arrow through his eye:

Lee May Foster is an artist who takes her inspiration from nature and uses it in her work:

Lucy at Attic 24 is eclectic with her patterns and tutorials:

Another great blog on crochet:

A gorgeous site:

I used to live in Holland and this was my favourite shop. I just love the patterns and colour clashes:

And when in Paris, here is my first port of call:

I love this site. It looks like it’s been adopted by mainstream heathens, but the content is good.

Similar but just as good is:

I like this website. It shows off Finnish style. Weird, but good.

I like this site for all the different and unusual things that they have:

This makes me laugh:

and this:

I’m a big Breeders fan, so the article about the original line-up getting back together sent me into orbit:

This is what I listen to:

And this:

And when I go to sleep, this:

Just because:

Celebrity letters:

Because I have a big bum, I love plus size clothes:

And this:

And this:

I will add more as I think of them. 🙂

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