About me

Welcome to Cosmic Crochet! My name is Emma. I like eating, yoga, football, wrestling, fashion, sewing, crochet, reading, upcycling and nice people. I also like sweet milky tea, a plump pillow and Aussie shampoo. I have been doing craft as a hobby all of my life. My Mum taught me how to knit, crochet and sew when I was young, and as a teenager, I was a strange mix of tomboy/crafter/music fan. My favourite thing to do ever is to listen to the football on the radio whilst crocheting. When I was 11, I remember staying up all night knitting my Manchester United scarf, only to be disappointed when it wasn’t finished for school the day after.

I used to have blue hair, I’m a blue belt in Kung-Fu and I’m a massive David Bowie fan.

2013-01-12 20.24.21 2013-01-12 20.26.43

I just thought I’d put these in for good measure. Being crafty is what I truly adore. I love colour and different compositions of colour and texture. I love to learn new things and try them out. It makes me happy and in turn, other people too. I used to write a blog about the things in life that wound me up. Then I realised that they only served to further wind me up and weren’t productive at all. So here’s me being productive. 🙂


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