I sold my first thing on Etsy, free crochet patterns for accessories and other mundanities

I’m so proud of myself. I sold my Kraftwerk Monster on Etsy to somebody in the USA. It’s such an achievement for me, as I have to constantly be persuaded to sell my things – I don’t think they are good enough. I have to pretend to myself that they are so I can sell them. Eejit.

Anyway, I have developed a love for King Cole Riot Chunky Wool, which is what I have made all of the following projects from.

My favourite colour is Turkish Delight! I made these handwarmers from it. I measured how long I wanted them. Here is the pattern:

Ch 41+3 for turning, miss first ch after 3, and then dc in each sp. Repeat for 20 rows. Flip to reverse side to crochet together – sc. Stop 12 ch from end. Sl st for 7ch then 5sc.

Quite easy really!

This cowl is in the colour ‘birch’. I started by chaining 100, but you can work in any length you like. For the second row, I ch3, 1dc to start then miss 1 ch. Next, 2dc, then ch1 missing 1 ch. Repeat all the way round. Sl st into first dc you made. For the next row, ch 3, then dc in the spaces, and ch1, the same as the first.

For the hat, I always start with the rim of the hat. First, I ch 12, then ch an extra chain for turning. I crocheted backwards and forwards until I had created a strap that fit the circumference of my head. I crocheted the strap together and this made a headband. I then wanted to crochet into the ends of this strap. To make it less puffy and not look like a chef’s hat, I did 2dc in every other space, chaining 1 inbetween. I carried on until it was tall/long enough to fit my head. I then crocheted the top of the hat together by gathering every three stitches together. You can sew or crochet this.

And there you go. These are listed on my Etsy shop.

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening recently, so the crochet has escaped me. DEATH TO DANDELIONS!!!

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