A Few Projects to Share!

I’ve got a cold. I hate everything. I can’t breathe. I keep sneezing. Yuck. I have been crocheting to keep myself going. I’ve been trying to vary my stitches a bit and actually finishing some projects off! The first one I’m quite proud of is my cocoon cardigan. I have quite an extensive stash of wool, so I decided to use some of it. The pattern is as follows: 2 lines of double crochet stitch and two lines of 3 double crochet, miss 3 double crochet. I measured myself across my chest from wrist to wrist, and that is how long my starting chain measured. You will see from the picture how I assembled the cardigan from the blanket:


The next thing I made, I did with my new favourite stitch, the shell stitch. A lovely shawl scarf with bobble edging. I decided on how wide I wanted the shawl and then made a chain – you need to make sure the number of chains are in multiples of seven and then add two on for turning:


I’m off to blow my nose and feel sorry for myself. 🙂

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