Peafowl Feathers Shawl by Veronika @bluestarcrochet

Amazing pattern here by craftastherapy. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Craft as Therapy

Peafowl Feathers Shawl

by Veronika @bluestarcrochet


Hi all,

Guess what’s today? It’s Free Pattern Friyay today and I’m bringing you another free pattern for your collection.

This time it’s a shawl pattern that I have been working on and I must admit the process wasn’t easy as I made some wrong colour choices which just destroyed the design but it all worked out in the end.

I had a custom yarn cake made by Katherine from Quaint Craft Corner, you can find her Etsy shop HERE.

I used 3-ply yarn cake which was 160 grams @ 800 m long.

You can also search for a few alternatives online, I found Rico Degrade Yarn cake would work as a suitable alternative.
Shop for yarn over at Deramores


The shawl has a slightly different construction. You start working a triangle motif working around all three sides, then you work…

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