Shift + Alt(er)

I’m a sucker for a shift dress. I had many as a child and I used to spend my summers in my garden running around like a loon in my lilac and black spotty dress. I loved it. It was girly but without being too girly (I hated puffy sleeves).

You won’t be surprised to learn that I have made (and have documented here) some shift dresses. I wanted to show you some that I have made and that I am currently wearing. There’s no exact science to this. I get a dress that I like the shape of, draw around it and adjust it accordingly. The fabric I have used in the following dresses is from Michael Miller – pricey, but worth it. I always sew my seems with a short running stitch followed by a zig-zag to lock and secure the seam. I always press my hems before sewing and pin them.

I just wanted to also mention this rather amazing fabric I picked up from a local charity shop last week. Amazing! 50p for each bit! The fabric with the painting man on is absolutely amazing! I don’t know what I’m going to make from it!

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