New Wave/Punk Cushions

Well, that could be a title of a Half Man Half Biscuit song, eh? We moved house about 4 months ago, and I decided I wanted some eclectic home furnishings. I also had 4 t shirts that I simply did not wear anymore, but did not want to throw away, because why would you? I started off with this Stooges shirt, being a huge fan of Iggy Pop and the distorted garage sound of the Stooges. This t shirt is particularly cool, because the Stooges lettering is spelled out in red studs.


Then I tackled a David Bowie shirt. I love David Bowie. I shouldn’t even need to say that.

I created a new cushion for this to provide a contrast with the Bowie face paint and then added pompom trim. I bloody love pom pom trim.

Then I used some old pillow cases I found in a charity shop to create my Velvet Underground cushion. I love Lou Reed, because he was such a curmudgeon, but Nico was so ethereal and cool. I keep going back to old videos of them playing, and I just love how they completely rejected the counter-culture at the time. I’m sure Lou Reed would love the yellow frills attached to his memory….


I did it for the contrast, Lou!

And finally, my favourite, my fluffy Bowie cushion.

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