Shein Upcycle…

On a whim, or you can call it a moment of madness, I thought I would purchase some clothes and what-not from much touted, reasonably priced clothing outlet, Shein. I really liked the designs of the three items of clothing I bought, being slightly quirky.

I bought all items of clothing in XL, because I’m a plus size girl, and when I normally purchase XL, I can usually fit into the clothes, being a size 16-18.

How I laughed when I opened the parcel. Small children would consider this clothing tight. I then wondered what I was going to do with the items.

Here is what I bought.

A Frida Kahlo nightshirt/dress. ‘XL’ – actually, was probably meant for a size 4, if I’m being truthful. Wow.

A hooded jumper. ‘XL’. Again, more like a size 4.

A men’s shirt in XL – this fit me, perversely. I call this the ‘Margaret Thatcher and Friends’ shirt, for obvious reasons:

Maggie’s friends seem to be Malcolm Mclaren and Shirley Manson from Garbage.

I also bought these accessories, which are absolutely lovely:

I then had to decide what I was going to do with the clothes that didn’t fit.

1. The Frida Kahlo dress

I set to work finding out the black t-shirt dress that I love, but don’t wear anymore. I decided to cut the print out from the original dress and sew some decorative pom-pom edging onto the dress to really make it stand out.


This was tricky, and I lost it with my sewing machine about 7 times.

But eventually, I ended up with this:


I am proud!

2. The face hooded jumper

Well. I did to this what any normal person would do. I made a bloody cushion out of it.


It actually suits our living room quite well, as we are aiming for the relaxed crazy people ambience.

And that’s that! I guess the point is, be wary of what you order from overseas, as their sizing can be very different from UK sizing. I do love to upcycle things that I can’t wear or I’ve fallen out of love with.

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