Anarchy in the UK….and my new(ish) handbag

If only Johnny Rotten were the British Prime Minister, then we may not be in the turmoil we currently find ourselves. I am, of course, talking about Brexit. As I type that word, I internally yawn. As part of the British public, I am subjected to round the clock coverage of Great Britain’s plans to leave the EU. Tonight, our current Prime Minister and proponent of the obligatory-middle-aged-female-politician-bowl-haircut (if you don’t believe me, see Angela Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon for further proof) Theresa May, has been defeated AGAIN on her deal to leave the EU. I thoroughly believe we will end up remaining. That’s what I hope, anyway. I thank the EU for the ERASMUS scheme that allowed me to spend part of student years studying in Maastricht. I hope our future with the EU will not be confined to the past.

Anyway, to divert my attention away from such depressing events, I invariably end up making something. I have, for a long time, been on a quest to find the perfect handbag. It very much depends what kind of style I am enamoured with at that particular time. Since October, I have been entranced by all things Aztec print. I thought I would have a look at some Mochila crochet patterns, and saved some to my Pinterest pages for reference. I, of course, chose teal/green (my favourite colour) and black for my bag in Stylecraft Special DK from Wool Warehouse – the best place to get wool online, in my opinion. As I was attempting to replicate the Mochila style, I crocheted in the round in single crochet stitch. I used black for the base and started to form a long oval shape:thumb_IMG_0133_1024

Then I crocheted into the back of the stitches and started to form the body of my bag:

The patterns were very difficult to make, took a lot of time and patience (and a lot of colour swapping in between stitches). I used squared paper to help me plan.

I created the straps by crocheting a long length about 8 stitches long, starting off in teal, then crocheting in the main with black wool and finishing off in teal. I kept the teal bits flat, so I could sew them to the body of the bag, and I folded the black part in half and sewed it together to strengthen it.

It’s about 60cm long and 45cm wide – quite big!

I lined it with a black canvas material. I cut two parts – the base and a length to sew to the base and create the walls of the lining. I machine sewed these pieces together and then hand sewed it to the crochet bag along the top. I attached a magnetic clasp.

The handles did stretch a bit, but I made allowances for that.

I love my bag – and so does everyone else!

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