*Awkward* ….I’m back again!

Oh hi! Five years. FIVE YEARS since I last blogged about craft. Sorry. I have been crafting, but sadly have not found the time to write about it. My life has been crazy in that time. I gave up jobs, got appointed to senior jobs, left those jobs, got married, developed a heart condition, bought a house, took up yoga, dyed my hair blonde, realised it didn’t suit me, dyed it back and a gazillion other things. In fact, it’s easier to say what I didn’t do – I didn’t have kids, I didn’t move to another country. There you go.

I am still in love with crochet, but I feel like my ideas are more developed now. I’m crocheting but mixing it with other media and other techniques.

Here is something I have made this week – a mixed media bag that is an eye. I love eyes. It took me all of my strength not to swear as I sewed in the zip. And then I did it anyway.


Eye logo

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