CAL #54-56

Loving this.

Elaine's Yarn Addiction

If you’re thinking, “She didn’t post CAL squares for months, and now she’s just whipping them out, all while not actually being here.” The truth is, I’ve been hording them for a little bit, and then there were other things to post, and then Christmas. Also, just last week, I sat down, after Christmas, and crocheted about 6 squares in a row. Looks like this project might be done by the beginning half of the year. 😀

I should be on my way back today, on a plane or stopped at some layover.

54. Framed Flower: So, for most of the squares on this page, I kept most the color schemes that the book had. The flower in the middle with the little cross is really nice, right?

framed flower

55. Centered Square: The center is basically a granny square. I was also trying out this denim colored yarn I…

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