Summer Dresses

I know, I’m currently slimming down and shouldn’t be buying/making clothes but TOUGH. I am. I messed it up on Friday though. I was in the worst mood. I came home from work and there, waiting for me, was a paper pattern that I had ordered for a simple summer dress. One hour to make it says! Woo!


Yes, my body is two different dress sizes. It narks me. I’m bigger on the bottom than the top. It says on the pattern how to make it bigger if you are two different sizes. Perfect. I cut it. Then then I cut the gorgeous fabric I bought (so good, I bought it in two colours). I sewed it together. I tried it on.


The top is too big and the bottom too small.


I’m afraid to say that I lost my cool and thumped the wall. After nursing my hand, scrabbling about for some bits and knocking over a pot of sequins and generally making a mess, I got more annoyed and abandoned the project after I had reached the conclusion I would not be able to carry on while my place was in a mess and I was so annoyed.

Then last night and this morning, I got over it and not only fixed both dresses I had made with the terrible pattern, I crocheted a lovely collar and sewed it on. I made the top bit of the dresses smaller and added in a triangular piece to each side.

They look like this:

2013-05-27 12.15.592013-05-27 12.16.062013-05-27 12.16.222013-05-27 15.26.58


And the green one:

2013-05-27 12.17.582013-05-27 12.18.052013-05-27 12.18.102013-05-27 15.28.09


I’m going to wear these forever. And the next time I make a dress, I’m going to do what I’ve always done – make my own pattern.


  1. They turned out lovely in the end. I’m also two different sizes so that’s why I want to start making my own dresses, as it’s impossible to get “off the rail” dresses to fit me well.

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