Finished French Country Cushion

I was asked to make the cushion to match the throw for a present. Trouble is, now I want to keep them both. Erm…….

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Instead, I’ll write the pattern I have used for the granny square.

Ch 6

Turn it into a loop.

Ch3 2dc into the loop


3dc into loop


3dc into loop


3dc into loop ch2

ss into first ch3

Change colour and choose a gap to crochet into.

Ch3 dc2. Ch2.

Dc3 then Ch2. Repeat all the way around, except for the corners where you dc3, ch3, dc3 so you have two clusters.

Change colour and repeat. I used a single crochet stitch for the last three rounds.I think it makes it look neat.


I did not use a whip stitch to sew my squares together – I crocheted them together using single crochet stitch. I think it looks more professional.


To make the cushion, I selected the fabric for the back and ironed it. I then cut it slightly bigger than the cushion. I cut the fabric in half, making sure there was enough of the fabric to overlap. I used wonderweb to hem all of the edges to ensure there was no fraying. I pinned the fabric to the back of the cushion and used a hemming stitch to attach the fabric to the crochet. To ensure perfect spacing and colour blend, I sewed into the back of each of the cream crochet stitches. And there you go.

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