THE quickest crochet scarf in the West (Midlands).

It’s been a funny old couple of days here a Chez Bevington (I’ve never called it that before, just so you you know). My lovely Sam came back from Denmark (where he has been performing – here is my better half) with epic flu. So I haven’t really seen him at all. I spent the weekend with a mad migraine and abandoned all thoughts of dieting – but not crochet. Damn it, even through the pain, I was crocheting granny squares for the commission piece I’m doing. Here it is (again) so far:

2013-04-09 20.50.56 2013-04-09 20.51.10

Yesterday I was crocheting the quickest scarf ever when I heard Margaret Thatcher died. I read her memoirs as part of my Law and Politics degree and found it captivating. I was a student socialist (like everyone is when they are 19), but I admired her steadfast, single-mindedness. I like women that stand up for themselves. My Mum always taught me to be straight talking, so maybe that’s why I feel a fondness for Thatcher. I digress. Here’s the scarf:

2013-04-09 20.49.59 2013-04-09 20.50.16

I haven’t finished yet, but the pattern is simple. Chain as many as you like. When you’ve finished, chain 3 and chain 10. This does not make sense now. It soon will. When you have chained 10, do 2 double crochets into the foundation chain. Then chain 10, 2 double crochets etc etc until the end of the row. To start the next row, chain 3 to turn. Simple.

I’m going to use this rose as a scarf tie.

2013-04-09 20.52.55


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