Crochet Beret

I found the most amazing wool on Friday. A beautiful multi-coloured aran wool. I had to make a hat. I’m going to make a scarf to go with it. Here it is:

2013-03-30 20.14.592013-03-30 20.14.462013-03-30 20.14.38


This is what I did:

Chain 9 then single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across, turn to the other side, repeat until you get a long strip that is about 20 inches long. I then turned the strip and single crocheted into the ends of the rows. Then when I finished that round, I double crocheted into the single crochet row. I didn’t multiply the stitches because the double crochet alone gives it an inflated look. I carried on crocheting in a spiral (which was fun, because the colour kept on changing), and then I kept trying it on until I stopped when I got to a size I liked. I then decreased my stitches ( until I ended up with 1 left. I cut the end and sewed it in. Ta-dah!



    • Thank you very much! It’s called Magic Aran by Crown Crest. They do a few other shades too! I have bright blue with rainbow colours and red with muted tones. 🙂

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