The 20’s revival continues here! Groovy Cloche Hat

My hairdresser is ace. My fixation with Downton Abbey has led me to a 20’s style Amelie bob. Here is my hairdresser:

And here:

But anyway, I have made a cloche hat in half-double crochet. It didn’t take me long. As always, I have tried to use a pattern, but have had to alter it – this time, because I have a big head. Here is the pattern:

Here are the results!

2013-03-20 14.26.39 2013-03-20 15.13.56-1 2013-03-20 15.14.05 2013-03-20 15.14.17


  1. SUPER cute! I don’t think I could pull off such a close-fitting hat (my head is weirdly shaped or something), but it looks absolutely fetching on you. Well done indeed, and I adore those colors together!

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