Finished Blanket! And Other Exciting Adventures in Crochet

I have finished the crazy, groovy, hippy baby blanket. Far out, dude:

2013-03-14 17.52.46


And then I decided to make some pansies with my adapted version of this pattern:

2013-03-14 17.51.032013-03-14 17.51.252013-03-14 17.51.322013-03-14 18.22.132013-03-14 23.55.30


I decided to chain 8 then make it into the central loop. The pattern above says 7, but if you are using wool, there isn’t enough space. I then chain 3, do 3 double crochet (UK treble crochet, but calling it double crochet makes more sense to me because there are two stages), then chain 3 again and slip stitch back into the loop. Repeat 5 times. Then when adding in the next colour, chain 2 into a double crochet at the beginning of any petal. Do a double crochet into the same stitch, then carry on crocheting – but pop two stitches in instead of one. When you get to the end, chain 3 and crochet through the loop. Repeat. The black edging on the pink and green flower is single crochet and the black spikes are manually tied in – no crochet involved.

Then I tried using a ripple stitch to start my scarf. It looks fine to beging with, but it is bodged.

2013-03-14 23.56.02


I used this pattern:

You really have to persevere with this. The first line wont look right until you have crocheted the second and third. I felt as I was crocheting that even though the pattern says to double crochet 4, then decrease 2, then 4 etc, I found I had too many stitches. But I try to put in the increase and decrease stitches in where I see fit – in line with the other ones. After all, I am an ‘artist’, I will used ‘artistic licence’.

I don’t spend all of my time crafting. I am taking a break from teaching until next month, so I will be working then. I have been enjoying my life again! I watched a life affirming documentary the other day. I’m not being corny. It’s called Searching for Sugarman. It’s endearing and heartwarming. I loved it. I love music and I had never heard of the musician Rodriguez, but this intriguing tale of his disappearance and the investigation that followed is compelling. Watch it. You won’t regret it.



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