Crazy Groovy Baby Blanket…..Almost

Now then, this baby blanket….. I’ve been working very hard to achieve a rainbow effect with many variations on colour. I’m going to make it a metre squared. I still need to add in a little more yellow and red around the edges, so that it corresponds to the rainbow in order. 🙂 Such a specific thing, the rainbow. I have enjoyed making this. I love how quick it is to do double crochet. I had been making the bag before this in single crochet and it drove me crazy. I’m still making the strap. I’m also still crocheting a hat.

My very good friend used to work with me and got very irritated by the amount of times I used to start a task and then walk off and do something else. I’m proud of this then, because I am not being distracted by anything else (even though some delicious looking beads came this morning…….).

2013-03-13 23.23.46

It is about 80cm by 80cm at the moment.


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