My My, Hey Hey

I dumped the angsty punk look when I went to university in favour of a more ‘organic’ look where I sewed triangles into trousers to make them into flares, crocheted hippy bags and went back to my natural hair colour. I discovered Neil Young. What a revelation. I moved to Holland for a short time and played his albums when I felt homesick. The further I investigated his music, the more enthralled I became. The man is a walking contradiction, or so I thought. I now understand that he clearly doesn’t care what people think of him, which is truly great. I still love Neil Young. I love the classic albums, like Harvest and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, but I love Trans too (don’t judge me).

Next week: Pink Floyd.

Only joking. I’m thinking about this because I was listening to him whilst making a flower hairclip to match a jacket I am wearing to a party on Saturday.

Here is the jacket:


Here is the hairclip:

2013-03-06 23.54.50

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