It’s almost Spring. I can tell because everyone’s having babies.

Yeah. I can sense it. Come on Spring. You don’t fool me with your minus temperatures. I can take it. I can drink tea to keep warm. I can ride it. You, however, can’t hide from me – I saw the daffodils blooming the other day. There’s also Easter eggs in Tesco. You, sir/lady, have been rumbled. Here’s something to coax you further:

2013-02-27 00.22.59

On a serious note, we do need the Spring to fuel our optimism. Come on sunshine!

I have started another project (yes, I know I already have several going on), but with various people announcing pregnancies, I thought it only apt that I start making a baby blanket. I have started with a ‘simple’ granny square. I say ‘simple’, it takes a while and much cheek-chewing to finally get it right, but once it works, it looks fab.

2013-02-27 00.52.37


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