The Groovy Fish and the Advent of the Crochet Bag……

No, not the name of my new groundbreaking novel, but the introduction of the grooviest fish in town.

2013-02-26 18.38.17

I tried to give this fish a little something different………maybe it’s trying too hard.

Anyway, I am making a crochet bag with a single crochet stitch at the moment. Here is my progress so far:

2013-02-26 20.40.50 2013-02-26 20.41.28

This is the base of the bag. Sorry it’s such a dark colour. I created the bag following my own unusual approach to crochet. I started with a chain – yes. But I did not crochet into the chain. I crochet around the chain rather than into it and then go round to the other side doing the same. I increased stitches by three on the corners. I will take more pictures as I progress!

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