Some funny things that I have made for my boyfriend.

What an ominous title, you may think. Truth is, my boyfriend is cute and quirky, which requires much planning and thought for birthdays and Christmas etc.


Knowing that he loves South Park and that you can’t buy a Clyde Frog anywhere (believe me, I checked), I made him one. 🙂

clyde frog

Which he loved.

He also (being the quirky man that he is), broke the phone case I bought him. So, I made him one which we named Albert the Monster:

2013-02-22 12.50.36 2013-02-22 12.51.10 2013-02-22 12.51.34 2013-02-22 12.52.10


I crocheted it like a pillow case so that you can tuck the top over the end of the phone.

The conclusion is that although my boyfriend is a bit crazy, I love him like mad and these things made him incredibly happy.


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