New things that I made for a dear friend’s birthday!

My boyfriend’s Mum is a lovely lady. Since I have been with Sam, she has made me feel so at home when I stay at their house at weekends. It was her birthday last week, so I decided to make her some very special things. Helen is a musician, so she said that she would really like some jewellery that doesn’t rattle while she is playing.

Necklace for Helen 2 Necklace for Helen


I crocheted the ‘chain’ and sewed glass beads into it. Then to make the rose, I followed a crochet pattern, but made it from felt (I used the same principles). I then embroidered the leaf with beads and attached them to the chain.

I also made Helen a fun gift:

Keyring for Helen


A nice little keyring created from embroidery.

I am currently crocheting a nice red hat at the moment and I have just finished my latest bag – even though it’s not quite right yet.

The sun is out, so I am going to spend the afternoon drinking tea and sewing with 6Music on in the background. Ahhhhhh!


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